If you’ve been linked to this page, that means I’ve officially decided to take you on as my newest client!

I am so excited to get started with you. I have created this page to help you get better acquainted with what is to follow in the weeks ahead.

As always, don’t hesitate to send me a note at hello@youhadmeatespresso.com


 Good to know + FAQ’s. Please read before we begin!


In your Welcome Email, I’ve already linked you to the following virtual forms:

  1. Your Agreement (Please e-sign this before we begin)

  2. Your Shared GDrive Folder

  3. Your Business Questionnaire

    Your invoice will arrive in a separate email. Please pay your project payment before we begin

Please read over and e-sign your Agreement. This is super easy to do at the bottom of the form! Things like timeline, payment, ownership, and cancellation policy are very important for both of us to know prior to our time together.

Please fill out your questionnaire to the fullest and best of your abilities. The more detail, the better!

Please be aware of what is included in your package. You can find a detailed scope of work outlined in your Agreement, and an explanation of my packages on my website. Please understand that any work outside of the agreed upon scope of work (see your Agreement for your custom and complete scope) will incur additional fees. (ex. additional pin design, more board creation, etc). My hourly rate for additional refinements or anything outside of the original scope of work is $50 US/ hour (billed in half hour increments).

Your payment schedule is based on a rough timeline that has been estimated for your unique project. Your invoice must be paid to reserve your spot in my calendar for the Account Rebuild.

Please know that I reserve the right to use any work created throughout this process on my social media and in my portfolio. As a creative visual designer and manager, my social media (re: Instagram) is my bread and butter for attracting my ideal client (you!)



All files will be shared via Google Drive throughout our time together. You will see that the Drive Folder is organized by sub-folders, to further organize your content. Treat this folder as your own! Please drop any and all images, blog post photos, product images, portfolio pieces, etc, into these sub-folders. I will use these for pin design so please be sure to add all content you’d like used. Please also, feel free to create additional folders for other content, if needed.

Any questions should take place via email (apart from the pre-scheduled Zoom calls at the end of the project). I do not use my phone number, Facebook, or Instagram to communicate with clients about work. I like to keep my phone time to a minimum so that I can dedicate my time where my heart truly lies; designing your beautiful Pinterest account!

If you email me with any questions or concerns, you can expect to hear back from me within 48 hours in the working week. If I don’t reply to you right away, don’t panic! Chances are I’ve seen your message, and am working to implement whatever you have reached out about. I block off certain times specifically for emails and client relations so that I can spend time doing what I truly love (designing your stellar profile!)



01. Invoice + Agreement + GDrive + Business Questionnaire
As previously stated, please go ahead and pay your invoice and e-sign the Agreement. Once these are completed, please take your time and fill out the Business Questionnaire, so I can get to work on keyword and business research for your account. Finally, please begin to add any and all content into the GDrive folder, so I can start with pin design (unless we’ve discussed otherwise, i.e. you’re creating the pins).
For detailed use on the shared GDrive Folder, please see section below titled “GDrive Folder”

02. Account Deep Clean
Once the above has been completed, I will begin work deep cleaning and rebuilding your account. I will revamp, redesign, and restructure until your account is as solid as it can be. This section of the project is estimated to span 3 weeks. Please keep in mind that as I am a small business owner, I do have other clients that I am currently working with. This does not make your project any less important, but it does mean that your project will take time to be completed thoroughly and to the best of my abilities. Your patience during this time of rebuilding is so important! I will email you should I have any questions, or come across anything needing your feedback.

03. Tailwind Setup
Once your account is fully rebuilt, I will send you an email letting you know the project is complete. You will receive a “Tailwind Setup Sheet” in this email that will walk you through will tell you exactly how to purchase your Tailwind Plus account, and make sure it’s ready to go. Make sure you open the Tailwind URL through the link provided in the Tailwind Setup Guide! This will lead you to the 15% discount when you purchase :) Please feel free to email me if you run into any difficulties here!

04. Begin Management + Pin Design + Tailwind Schedule
Once your Tailwind account is set up, please notify me via email with your login information, or fill out the login information at the bottom of your Business Questionnaire. I’ll begin with on-brand pin design and creating your custom pinning schedule in Tailwind. I will schedule out pins for the rest of the current month, using a combination of your content and other’s content.

05. Monthly Management
After the first month of management has been completed, you will receive the an Analytics Report for your account on the first business day of the new month (For example, if we began work on your account in September, you will receive the September Analytics Report on the first business day in October). This report is a combination of Pinterest and Tailwind Analytics for the previous month, as well as content and strategy growth ideas for the coming months.
From here, management will continue for the following two months, keeping with the agreed upon three-month Agreement.
Please be aware of what is included in your monthly management package. You can find a detailed scope of work for each month, outlined in your Agreement, and an explanation of my packages on my website.



All files will be shared via Google Drive throughout our time together. You will see that the Drive Folder is organized by sub-folders, to further organize your content. Please drop any and all photos, product images, portfolio pieces, screenshots, templates, freebies, etc, into these sub-folders. I will use these for pin design, so please be sure to add all content you’d like used. If you have previously designed pins, or will be designing the pins yourself, please add these to the folder titled “Life Line Screenings Pins”, so I can have them to upload to Pinterest.

If you have a blog, you will see a folder for “Blog Posts” in the Drive. In this folder is another folder for blog-specific photos, as well as a document titled “Blog Post URL’s”. Please update this document with your blog post URL, and publish date, whenever you are publishing a new blog post. Please also, add any photos or pre-designed pins into the blog photos folder.

If you have a specific schedule on which you write and/or publish blog posts (i.e. you publish a new blog post every Monday) please make me aware of this schedule if I’m not already. I am in the GDrive folder daily, but please let me know what your blogging schedule is so I can be sure to have pins designed, ready, and scheduled to be sent out, on the same day your blog post is published.

Please be sure that the GDrive folder is updated with your new blog post URL, publish date, and photos at least 3 business days before the scheduled publish date of your blog post. This ensures that I have enough time to create pins (unless you’ve created them) and add them to your Tailwind schedule to be pinned beginning on the same day your blog post is published.
Please be aware that it is your responsibility to update this folder as often as needed.

If you have already published blog posts on your website that are not yet on Pinterest and need to be added, please add the older blog post photos and corresponding URL’s into the “Pre-Published Blog Posts” folder. I will add these to Pinterest during your account rebuild phase.

Remember to treat this folder as your own! Please feel free to create additional folders for other content, if needed, and feel free to email me with any other questions you may have!


frequently asked questions

Please refer to this section for any of the following questions that often come up:

01. What are my responsibilities as the client?
Your responsibilities include: Read & answer the Business Questionnaire, create your Tailwind account, provide me with login info, regularly update GDrive folder, and keep me informed of any major business changes/changes in your goals for Pinterest

02. How often will I be updated about monthly management for my account?
As a reminder, Pinterest is a slow-burn, long-term marketing strategy. This means that things do happen at a slower pace than other platforms, and not much will change day-to-day. With that in mind, updates regarding your account will be sent via email, once per month, at the end of the month, alongside the Monthly Analytics Report.

03.  What if I want to change something on my account?
Please be aware that me taking over your Pinterest account in no way means that you're no longer allowed to be on it. However, each decision I make and change I apply to your account, comes after intentional and strategic thought (that you hired me for!). Please shoot me a quick email and let's chat about the change you want to see.

04. Why am I seeing a drop in traffic/monthly viewers?
First things first, don’t panic! I know it can be scary to look at your account and see numbers dropping. But trust me when I say, you'll see your traffic/views/impressions change with every month, and this is dependent on many, many factors surrounding both your business, and Pinterest (i.e. seasonal changes, change in what content we’re promoting, algorithm changes, etc.). Pinterest takes a bit of time to really get going, so don't worry too much about the small ups and downs, everyone has them. No business is “on” all the time, and minor changes in traffic happen for every business at some point or another. Try to look at the bigger picture, and trust that things will eventually go back up soon!

05. How do I sign on for another three months?
Loving the client experience watching your business grow? If you're ready to move forward with an additional three months, simply let me know via email as the end date of our Agreement approaches. Upon completion of our first three months, your Agreement will end and and a new Agreement will need to be created, should you desire to continue with the monthly management service.

06. What if I want weekly updates for my account?
Unfortunately, because I have a handful of clients that I work with at one time, I cannot update each one, weekly. As a reminder, nothing drastic will happen on Pinterest in a weeks time. The monthly analytics report will be more than enough to fill you in on all the fun happenings of your account.

07. I have favorite/personal things pinned to some of my boards that I don’t want deleted! Help!
As a general practice when rebuilding client accounts, I do not delete any previously created boards. If the board is still relevant to the business or ideal client, I will keep it as is, or with an updated board name. Boards that are no longer relevant to your business or ideal client, will be archived and made into a secret board. These secret boards can be found at the bottom of your profile page, and will no longer be visible to anyone but you.
The reason I do not delete boards is in the event that you do have personal/favorite pins you want to save, you always have them. I’ve also found that even though particular boards may not be relevant to your business right now, things can always change. In the event that an older board becomes relevant to your account, it’s much simple to just make the board public again, instead of starting over from scratch!

08. Can I still pin my favorite things to my account on secret boards?
My suggestion here is to remind you that your Business Pinterest account is just that…for your business. I would suggest making a separate, personal Pinterest account if you’re on Pinterest frequently and still want to pin your personal favorites. It ensures that everything stays separate and generally makes things much easier!

09. Can I still login to my business Pinterest account?
You are more than welcome to login to your business Pinterest account to check the status of things and look around…it is your account after all! If you do decide to login to your account, please do so with intention. Every once in a while, Pinterest will flag accounts if there are logins often, from multiple locations. Nothing to worry about, just be aware!



If you receive any emails from Pinterest about group board invitations or acceptances, please forward them to hello@youhadmeatespresso.com. These are invites or acceptances into group boards that I have submitted you to. Please forward to me so I can take the correct action required!

If you recieve any emails from Pinterest about being approved for Rich Pins, please forward them to hello@youhadmeatespresso.com. This is a confirmation that you have been approved for rich pins that I have submitted you to. Please forward to me so I can be aware this has taken effect.

If you receive any emails from Tailwind about your tribe performance or analytics, you do NOT need to forward these to me. You’re welcome to look into them for your own awareness, but I do not need the information in these emails. I can find the same information inside your Tailwind account, and check it weekly already!

If you are releasing a new product/service, have a coming launch, or have seasonal content, please make me aware of these things as soon as possible! I plan ahead about 45-60 days in advance for monthly management, and need to be aware of any upcoming happenings for your business. This ensures that we have plenty of time to add these new products/services/launches into our Pinterest strategy, and design corresponding pins to be released on time.
Remember, pinners are planners! They will search Pinterest about 45 days in advance of whatever they’re looking for. Pins also need time to gain traction on Pinterest, and we need to make sure your content has picked up traction by the time pinners are looking for it.
In essence, your content needs to be on Pinterest about 45 days before the big event. This also means I need to have pins designed, created, and ready to go, about 60 days in advance of the big event. (i.e. if you have Christmas content you’re releasing on December 1, I need all content by October 1)



I am way too excited to have the opportunity to work on your Pinterest account!

Please stay tuned in your inbox as the process moves along, and always, email me if any questions or concerns come up!

- kirsten