Welcome, friend!

If you’ve been linked to this page, that means I’ve officially decided to take you on as my newest client! #PopTheBubbly

I am so excited to get started with you. I have created this page to help you get better acquainted with what is to follow in the weeks ahead.

As always, don’t hesitate to send me a note at hello@youhadmeatespresso.com


 Good to know + FAQ’s. Please read before we begin!


In your Welcome Email, I’ve already linked you to the following virtual forms:

  1. Your Agreement (Please e-sign this before we begin)

  2. Your Invoice (Please pay via the link before we begin)

  3. Your Business Questionnaire

Please read over and e-sign your Agreement. This is super easy to do at the bottom of the form! Things like timeline, payment, ownership, and cancellation policy are very important for both of us to know prior to our time together.

Please fill out your questionnaire to the fullest and best of your abilities. The more detail, the better!

Please be aware of what is included in your package. You can find a detailed scope of work outlined in your Agreement, and an explanation of my packages on my website.

Your payment schedule is based on a rough timeline that has been estimated for your unique project. Your invoice must be paid to reserve your spot in my calendar for the Account Audit.

Please know that I reserve the right to use any results throughout this process on my social media and in my portfolio. As a creative visual designer and manager, my social media (re: Instagram) is my bread and butter for attracting my ideal client (you!)



Any questions should take place via email (apart from the pre-scheduled Zoom call at the end of the project). I do not use my phone number, Facebook, or Instagram to communicate with clients about work. I like to keep my phone time to a minimum so that I can dedicate my time where my heart truly lies; auditing your wonderful Pinterest account!

If you email me with any questions or concerns, you can expect to hear back from me within 48 hours in the working week. If I don’t reply to you right away, don’t panic! Chances are I’ve seen your message, and am working to implement whatever you have reached out about. I block off certain times specifically for emails and client relations so that I can spend time doing what I truly love (reviewing your stellar profile!)



01. Invoice + Agreement + Business Questionnaire
As previously stated, please go ahead and pay the invoice and e-sign the Agreement. Once these are completed, please take your time and fill out the Business Questionnaire, so I can get to work on research for your account.

02. Account Audit
Once the above has been completed, I will begin work reviewing your account, using your Business Questionnaire and research of my own. I will examine every aspect of your account, top to bottom, focusing on your Pinterest goals and specific pain points. This section of the project can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks, depending on my current work load. Please keep in mind that as I am a small business owner, I do have other clients that I am currently working with. This does not make your project any less important, but it does mean that your project will take time to be completed thoroughly and to the best of my abilities. Your patience during this time of review is so important! I will email you should I have any questions, or come across anything needing your feedback.

03. Zoom Call + “Action Steps” Sheet + “Next Steps” Guide
Once your account has been fully reviewed, I will email you to set up a Zoom call to walk-through your account together, as well as an "Action Steps” Sheet for you to use during our call. Please print out this sheet if you can, or have it open on your computer to follow along. This way you can take any notes from our call!
During this call, please bring any and all questions you have regarding your account, or Pinterest in general. This is your time to get fully re-acquainted with your account, and focus on specific action steps to improve it. Don’t be shy if there’s something you don’t understand! Ask away :)
Once our call is complete, you will receive an email with your “Next Steps” Guide. This guide will walk you through appropriate “next steps” for your Pinterest account, now that it’s been handed back to you.

04. 30 Day Email Access
Time to celebrate! Your account has now been reviewed, you’ve received strategic action steps, and we’ve done a final walk-through of your account. You’re now armed with next steps, strategies, and growth ideas for your Pinterest. As part of the Account Audit package, you now have 30 days of email access to me for any and all further questions that may come up with your account. I’m happy to help you work through any challenges, questions, or difficulties you may come across!



I am way too excited to have the opportunity to work on your Pinterest account!

Please stay tuned in your inbox as the process moves along, and always, email me if any questions or concerns come up!

- kirsten