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account clean up


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you’re a total DIY’er and go-getter,
so obviously you already have a Pinterest account.

The problem is,
your current profile has become a black hole of
avocado recipes and Joanna Gaines projects.


(i.e. not at all suited for the business you love)

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this one time account clean up is PERFECT FOR YOU IF:

  • You're an online business owner with an existing Pinterest account in the beginning stages and need an expert to take over and finish

  • The idea of taking time out of your day to comb through your Pinterest account and give it a serious overhaul makes you cringe

  • You seriously don’t have hours on end to dedicate to cleaning up your account, and want it hand it off to a Pinterest whiz

What’s included? 


30 min. Consultation Call
Business Questionnaire
Analysis of current account

Update profile + bio*
Verification of domain + send code to install on your website*
Set up + link Pinterest Analytics*
Apply and enable Rich Pins*
Extensive keyword research for your ideal audience


Optimization of profile for maximum engagement
Refresh + update of current boards complete with keyword rich SEO descriptions
15-20 fresh pins added to each non-brand board
Up to 20 pins of original content added to branded boards (depending on quantity)
Custom branded board covers for each board (if desired)
Apply to 3 niche-specific group boards + Leave non-relevant group boards
Follow 25 niche-specific influencers + Unfollow non-relevant influencers

”Next Steps” guide of walkthrough of your new account + strategy for growth moving forward
Access to email support for 30 days after profile completion

* indicates that this step will only be updated if needed



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The Finer Details 

A 50% deposit is required to lock in your project and to begin work.
The final 50% will be due before all final work is released.