10 Ways To Kill It On Pinterest Without A Blog

10 ways to kill it on pinterest without a blog 1.png

There’s a uber big myth roaming around the interwebs right now that Pinterest is only useful for bloggers. You’ve heard it right? Well gal, I’m here to expose to you the truth: Pinterest is indeed, incredibly useful for your business...even if you don’t blog. Say whaaaa? 

You heard it right friend. Pinterest is an incredibly versatile platform, and today, we’re going to find out how you can use it for your business, WITHOUT the infamous “blog”. Let’s get to it!

You’ve heard it before: “Pinterest is AMAZING for bloggers!”

Well girl, I’m here to put a new phrase in your head: “Pinterest is amazing for any business that has, and is producing, content

Here’s the scoop friend…

As long as you have plenty of content, are creating content, and will have new content in the future, you can use Pinterest.

Don’t let the lack of a blog keep you from using Pinterest in your marketing strategy. 

What you should be looking at if you don’t have a blog, is the amount of content you have.

Do you sell online services?

Create pins that feature your services and lead back to your services webpage

Have you been featured on podcast episodes?

Create pins that lead to the podcast URL

Have you written a guest blog post?

Design pins that lead to the post

Do you have a portfolio of design pieces?

Make pins featuring your design pieces that leads back to your portfolio page on your website

Do you create downloadable lists?

Create pins that lead to a landing page where they can download the list

Do you have an online course?

Design pins that showcase your course and entice pinners to click thru

Do you sell digital products?

Make pins that feature your products and lead back to the page where pinners can purchase them

Do you have an email list?

Create pins that lead to an email sign up link

Do you post regularly to Instagram?

Connect your Instagram to Pinterest and pin your Insta posts

Do you offer freebies or online checksheets?

Put that freebie in your Pinterest bio and create pins that lead back to your free checksheet


Ten solid ways you can use Pinterest, #NoBlogNeeded

I’ve helped brand designers create pins of their original moodboards, branding boards, and logos. 

I’ve helped web designers create pins of their website creations, landing page examples, and font combinations used. 

I’ve helped entrepreneurs create pins for their signature courses and digital download products. 

There are so many ways to create pins and use Pinterest for YOUR business, you just have to get creative. Brands from Nike to Carnival Cruise Lines have used Pinterest to skyrocket their sales. And do they have blogs? I think not. So get on board girl, no more excuses! 

The bottom line: You don’t have to have a blog to have a presence on Pinterest. If you sell physical products, online services, courses, or digital products, you can make Pinterest work for you.

Kirsten Sieg