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hey gal! let’s chat


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I know you chica.

You’re a seriously-go-gettin’ creative whose followed your dream of running an online business to share your passion with the world.

You have a squillion ideas for new products, a stunning website, and a brand that’s true to the heart of your business.

You’ve built it all from the ground up, putting in late nights and early mornings for your dream, your passion, your business.

You’re on every social media platform known to the online world, desperately attempting to keep up with every new algorithm change and recent update.

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 And all of a sudden you realize there’s yet ANOTHER platform you’re supposed to master...


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Your overwhelm soon takes over and leads to semi-panicked Googling “How To Use Pinterest For Business”, which in turn stirs up massive feelings of defeat leading to a total ohmagahhhh-what-am-I-gonna-do moment (or twelve).

I feel ya girl.

As a creative business owner in 2019, it can be super daunting to try and keep up with all the social platforms out there.


You know you SHOULD be on PINTEREST

(Daily by the way, and oh, also Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube)


You know you SHOULD miraculously have all the time in the world to dedicate to each platform

*rolls eyes and picks up wine glass*


You know you SHOULD be keeping up with every. single. algorithm. change.


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But you’re only human, gal.

And you can only take on so much.

So pull your hands out of your overly dry-shampooed top knot, and let me take it from here.


Hey chica! I’m kirsten,

the creative guru and chief coffee addict around here. And it’s my ultimate goal to help entrepreneurs take the panic out of Pinterest.

I’ve always had a *slight* over obsession with Pinterest…

But I fell Beyoncé level crazy-in-love when I discovered the true power of using Pinterest strategically + intentionally, when I grew a friend’s account by 700% in 12 days.

Yeah girl, you read that right. Here’s the picture to prove it…

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Pinterest and I have been a head-over-heels duo ever since.

You deserve a wildly successful business that brings in droves of traffic while your sippin’ on a warm latte. And I’m here to build your business the Pinterest account that will do exactly that.

Let me take the panic out of Pinterest, so you can get back to working on what truly matters - your business.

Alright my fellow creative dreamer, let’s get to it.

Cheers to venti iced coffees, and dreamin’ big!

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