Stressed about Pinterest

stressed about Pinterest?


 I help biz owners get more eyes on their content by increasing visibility in front of their ideal audience on pinterest


hey chica,

I get it. You’re pulling your hair out trying to learn yet ANOTHER platform in the online world. And it’s my ultimate goal to help you eliminate the panic of Pinterest so you can chill the heck out + focus on building the business you love.

Because honestly girl, we both know there's SO much potential on Pinterest right now. And as a fellow business owner, I already know it’s your desire to explode your online presence and bring in droves of traffic to your business.

You just need someone to step in, and calm the Pinterest Panic. Sit tight gal, I’ve got it from here. No stress required.



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“I want you to clean up my existing Pinterest account…”

Already have an account and looking for a deep clean?

A thorough clean up of your existing Pinterest account to attract your ideal audience!

“I want you to manage my Pinterest account monthly…”

Don’t have the time to commit to managing your account?

Hand it over girl, and I’ll take it from here!

 “I want you to audit my existing Pinterest account…”

Need an expert eye to look over your account?

I’ll review your existing Pinterest account and we’ll chat about strategy + implementation for your account!


 helping you take the
out of pinterest

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You. Me. A live chat.

Iced coffee optional, but strongly encouraged.